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            carane njaluk free Kripik ungu

            October 12, 2022

            University of King’s College MFA in Creative Nonfiction (& in Fiction)

            As many of you know, I’m one of the mentors in the Univ of King’s College’s MFA in Creative Nonfiction. It’s a great program, all of the students working on books ranging from memoirs to investigative journalism. (The average age in the Creative Nonfiction program is 37. It’s a low-residency MFA so you work from your hometown except for a 1-week residency in Halifax in June.) Every year we have several meet-&-greets where you n find out more about the program, hearing from the directors, some of the mentors, & former students.

            This year, we’re launching an MFA in Fiction, as well. The information for both programs is here:



            Go here to register for the meet-&-greets via the links:?https://ukings.ca/area-of-study/writing-and-publishing/?

            And below is a summary of the meet-&-greets…

            Upcoming MFA Meet and Greets

            August 14, 2022